Activities in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

Sunday Funday

photo-20Designed for the big time partiers, Sunday Funday is a weekly event from about 3pm until you pass out. $15 gets you a Sunday Funday wrist band, entitling you to an event tank top and the shuttle between three popular hotels, Pelican Eyes, Naked Tiger, and Pachamama. Although this is definitely a party, Sunday Funday is also a great way to meet people, see awesome views, enjoy the pools and have a great time.

Eat Cheap Amazing Food at the Market

IMG_1864San Juan Del Sur hosts one of the best and most affordable markets we encountered on our trip. Plates of savory beans and rice, juicy chicken, fried eggs, and homemade tortillas, where just a few of our favorites. With breakfast averaging $1.50 and lunch $2.50, the market was the cheapest and freshest option in San Juan Del Sur. Behind the food stalls there is also fruits and vegetables for sale if you prefer to cook your own food or want to grab a snack on the go. Although it is located in the main section of town, it is somewhat concealed behind unmarked, blue doors, making it easily missed, so don’t be afraid to ask the friendly locals for directions.


Shuttle to the Beaches

IMG_1822Although San Juan Del Sur is very beautiful, it is a bay with many boats making it less than ideal for enjoying the water. However, many companies offer shuttles to near by beaches for between $7-10 round trip. Both Maderas and Hermosa beaches offer $10 surfboard rentals, a chill beach restaurant/bar, and hammocks and chairs for relaxing.

Catch the Sunset at El Timon Happy Hour

IMG_1851El Timon is a great beachfront restaurant with a delicious and cheap midweek happy hour. Fish tacos, garlic yucca, hamburgers, and ceviche go for $1 each, as do shots of rum and beers. For under $5, you can fill your stomach and catch a cool buzz while watching the sunset over the bay. Just don’t forget the deals only run Tuesday-Friday from 4pm-6pm.

Sunset Fishing Trip and Booze Cruise

IMG_2745For $20 per person, you can enjoy a 2 hour cruise with unlimited beer and rum, during which you can fish off the side or troll for tuna or Dorado. It is a great way to see the coastline and all the different coves surrounding San Juan Del Sur. Sign up is easy at any of the tour companies in town.

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2 Responses to Activities in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

  1. Lauren says:

    Do you need to book any of the activities in advance? Or would we be able to reserve say the booze cruise fishing trip once we are there?

  2. Caitie says:

    Hi Lauren,
    Great question. Book when you get there. They don’t fill up, and the price is always significantly less when in person. Most companies online are foreign run or are pricey, hence they have a website. We did some stuff the day of, or signed up for the following day. There are tons of companies along the water. Have fun!

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