My Visit to an Indian Guru

One day in Jaipur, an Indian friend took me to see his Guru, who travels the world reading peoples chakras and working to heal with crystal energy. I being extremely skeptical, went into this experience not expecting much in the way of a real reading but just a fun experience. What happened, I could not ever have prepared for.

As I walked into the back room, a man sat at his desk waiting.

“Namaste, what can I do for you” he said

“Namaste, what can you do for me?” I responded as instructed by my friend.

“Sit” he said. “First off, you need to relax, you have a hard time with that and need to work on it.”

This being all too true, I remained skeptical and took a seat. He then asked me my name and how old I was and instructed me to put my hands out, palms up on the table. Eyes closed, he hovered his hands over mind, looking as if he might pass out at any moment, seemingly week and fatigued, a minute of silence felt like hours. Then he blinked a couple times and focused again on my face.

“Your mom is very sick, she can barely walk and she needs immediate healing. This is thing that hurts you the most and makes you worry. I usually prescribe a crystal for the individual I am reading, however you cannot heal until your mother begins to heal.”

I burst into tears. My mother has Multiple Sclerosis and her life is lived day to day because of it so a truth this deep, as you can imagine, through me into a full force tear attack. Shaking and trying to catch my breath, he just kept it coming, (apparently he is used to people completely loosing it). He spoke intimate family struggles, personal physical ailments, a past cheating boyfriend, and pretty much every secret I don’t dare admit to myself half the time. There was no way he would know this much, unless he truly was an enlightened Guru!

He said “You are like water, and you need to have more fire, let you emotions go and don’t always be so nice, you are too much of a people pleaser. You need to learn to tell some people to Fuck Off!”

Yes, the Guru said the work fuck! Besides this being completely true, it was absolutely hilarious which helped my tears briefly subside.

I to this day, have no idea how he knew so many things about me. But I tell you what. When I left, he gave me the crystal and told me to have my mom wear it on a necklace that should fall with the crystal between her breasts for her to heal. After returning home, I gave my mom the necklace but as she was a bit conflicted about it interfering with her religion, she chose to just keep it in a box as souvenir. A couple months later she found out she had breast cancer. Scared and crying I begged her to give the necklace a try, after all, the Guru had something special in him and maybe there was something to this crystal healing system.

She has now worn it every day for almost 2 years and currently tests cancer free. She is walking with only a cane and has far less sick days. I never believed in this sort of thing before, but that day, in a back room in India, this man knew me better than I knew myself. My Mom’s improved health has helped me to heal and not be plagued with worry. And although I don’t quick tell people to “fuck off”, I am getting better at having more fire.



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Published on: February 19, 2014

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