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Mui Ne Vietnam, A Beautiful Break


IMG_0667Back in 2012, my now husband and I took a random side trip from Thailand to Vietnam. Besides knowing we needed to get a visa ahead of time, we knew pretty much nothing, which was kind of fun. I knew I wanted to eat lots of spring rolls and steamy bowls of Pho and that at sometime I wanted to see a Vietnamese beach. This lack of planning really allowed us to go with the flow, run off of recommendations, and just let our mood guide us. To this day, I don’t know if it was something I saw online or if someone suggested it, but after 4 crazy cool days in Saigon, we hopped on a bus 5ish hours to the beach town of Mui Ne.


Turns out Mui Ne is very popular with kite/wind surfers, which was really neat to watch while relaxing on the beach.




Although not as dirt cheap as other Southeast Asian beach destinations, we were able to find budget rooms for $15-20 per night off the beach or beach front rooms for $45+ complete with air con, TV, and wi fi.


IMG_0648We stayed at Bao Quynh Bungalow for $46 a night and really enjoyed our stay. It was a bit of a splurge but after bumpy bus rides, and less than luxurious hostels, it nice for a few nights to have a little more comfort.




IMG_0725One of the best things we did was go to the sand dunes. To find out more, check out my post on How to Experience the Mui Ne Sand Dunes!




 IMG_0107If you are looking for a party, Mui Ne is not your place. However if you are into some quiet nights and quaint seafood BBQ, I cannot recommend Mui Ne enough. My husband and I agree that the shrimp/prawns we had at this little outside seafood BBQ stall were the best we have had in our lives. These suckers were the size of lobster, with a sweet, meaty flavor. And hey, if you are into some adventurous eating there are plenty of choices, from eels to turtles.



Have you been to any cool beaches in Vietnam? How was your experience?






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