Malaysia’s Perhentian Islands

DSCF3343An amazing part of studying abroad, is the ability to jaunt over to a nearby country for a couple of days, so when we had a week break, we jumped at the chance to head from Thailand to Malaysia. With just one night in the capital, we weren’t able to do Kuala Lumpur much justice, but we couldn’t help it, we had sights set on one thing, the Perhentian Islands, known for their  and amazing underwater wildlife.

DSCF3371The Perhentians are made up of two islands, Besar (big) and Kecil (small). Being that Besar is more resort oriented, we decided to head to Kecil for more budget style bungalows and a slower atmosphere. Accommodations ranged from $10-$15 per person and included one meal per day. Meals were on $4-10, slightly pricey for a backpacker but pretty average for being on a remote island with few resources. Something to consider when planning is that like most of Malaysia, alcohol is scarce or extremely expensive due to the countries Muslim laws and restrictions. This being said, there was something refreshing about being on a remote islands, in a wood bungalow, with no alcohol option. We went to bed early and woke up refreshed and ready to experience the world class under water wildlife without being fuzzy from the night before.            And trust me, you want to be clear headed; there was daily sightings of whale sharks, swarms of neon fish, and sea turtles the size of cars. To this day, no waters have been able to beat the worldclass wildlife found in the Perhentians.


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Published on: February 22, 2014

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