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Hong Kong For Budget Travelers, -Food Guide

Hong Kong- Synonymous with expensive right? It doesn’t have to be. I can relate to all the travelers who skip Hong Kong for fear that it will break their budget. Top that off with the distance and most backpackers will skip it all together. Well this time around it was Christmas and I thought hey, lets go for it! Hong Kong boasts incredible food and a really cool Christmas celebration, and I wanted to experience something different than the usual SEAsian route anyway. What I found exceeded all my expectations both in terms of food and finance.

Hong Kong is amazing! And if you are into food like me, you will really love Hong Kong. That is if you like noodles, garlic, soup, spice, and all sorts of savory meats. (If not, lie to me so we can remain friends) Check out the amazing Hong Kong Eats for Less Thank $4 per meal and get inspired to grub down!

IMG_0636Miso Garlic Soup with a Boiled Egg, Stewed Pork, and Green Onions $3

IMG_0804Roast Red Duck over Rice with Cabbage $2.50

IMG_0860Yellow Noodle with House Made Shrimp Wonton and Greens $3 

IMG_0665Beef Brisket with Flat Rice Noodle and Bone Broth $2.25

IMG_0762Cheap Good Sushi! $1-$4 at the Local Take Aways

IMG_0633Hong Kong Hot Pot, My Favorite Meal of the Trip, Cooks Right at Your Table  $4 with a Drink

IMG_0713Spicy Giant Fishball $1.50

IMG_0688Wine! Not the Best, Not the Worst but $1.25 at 7elevens (the red was perfect on a cold HK Day)

IMG_0649Beer, Surprisingly Cheap! Local beer $1 or 3 for $2 at Convenient Stores Which are Everywhere!

IMG_0862Dessert! Local Ice Cream Trucks with Creamy Soft Serve Cones for $1

Insider Tip* If you need cheap accommodation, check out for some great options. We got a studio apartment on the top story of a great old Chinese building in the center of Mong Kok, a district known for its culture and local food scene for $50 per night, a real steal for Hong Kong.


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