Boat Noodle Alley, Bangkok-A Guide to

Boat noodles are some of the most delicious meals you can get in Thailand at at $1-2 dollars they are also some of the cheapest. Traditionally, vendors would hawk their noodles from their boats along the many Thai canals, hence the term boat noodles. However with modernization, boat noodles have mostly taken to the many street food stalls and some novelty floating markets. IMG_0259

Duck Noodle Soup

Boat noodles, commonly known in English as noodle soup can be easily found on almost any street, however near Victory Monument, there is the king of all noodle stands deemed Boat Noodle Alley. Here for just 12 baht (33 cents) you can try smaller bowls of all broth flavors, noodle types, speciality meats, and styles. Most people eat about 5 of these mini bowls allowing for you to try all the varieties.

As a lover of all things savory, spicy, and noodley, my husband and I loved this place but it can be a bit tricky to get to if you don’t know where to look, so if you are up for the challenge, here is a map and corresponding directions.

boat noodle alley mapHop on the BTS Sky Train and get off at Victory Monument Station. Head towards the monument and stay to the right on the skywalk. The monument should be on your left and the markets below on your right. Go past the new concert like white dome, then after the Fashion mall, the sky walk will start to come to an end and on the right you will see a stair case leading down to a 7 eleven. Take the stairs and when you get to 7eleven make a right to head towards the canal and the noodle shops that will be peeping from around the corner. They are all amazing so just pick any one. Each place has its own specialities so I recommend trying 2 or 3 small bowls at a couple places, its hard to go wrong. Here are some mouth watering pictures to get you incentivized. 


Tom Yum Broth, Rice Noodles, seafood meatballs, crispy wontons,  peanut crumbles


Savory broth, chewy rice noodles, stewed beef and beef ball with cilantro


Light broth, flat rice noodles, ground and sliced pork, topped with greens & wonton


Angel hair rice noodle served dry with pork, peanut crumbles, and a spicy chili sauce


Dry small noodle with pork meat, green onion, cilantro and  sweet sauce


Pronounced Ka-nom Too-eye, these little coconut pudding desserts are commonly found on the tables and are only $1 baht each!

What are some of your favorite thai foods? Have you found any secret spots to share?

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