Children of India

When the subject of children in India comes up, many emotions flood my heart. Such extremes. I experienced deep joy and overwhelming sadness. I worked with children with AIDS, children from the lowest castes, children who were incredibly happy and children who were miserable. Tugging my shirt, they begged for food, money or even hugs. They embraced me at weddings, taught me Bollywood dances upon rooftops, and proudly practiced their English. Above all, they taught me what gratitude is, something often forgotten in places where food, shelter and education are the norm. Below are some pictures of the children of India, some are smiling and others suffering, but all of them capture a significant truth.

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Why Bangkok is My Favorite City

February 9, 2014 • Asia, General Updates, Thailand • Views: 2119

    Bangkok is absolutely my favorite city in the world, hands down.   Pure magic, full of life, it seems no one can resist smiling in this city.   Bangkok is rightfully famous for its amazing shopping, red light districts, and fabulous dining, but it is much more than that. It


Janu Jaipur: The Best Guide in India

February 5, 2014 • Asia, India • Views: 2742

Janu Khan is a kind hearted, and extremely fun tour guide, based in Jaipur, India. He deserves an international, best guide award, as he is responsible for turning my Indian experience from magnificent to magical. He was so fantastic, reasonably priced, and genuine that I feel compelled by the


Vietnam: Delicious Food “Pho” Sure

February 4, 2014 • General Updates, Vietnam • Views: 1071

Like the majority of Southeast Asia, Vietnam offers many cheap and delicious choices. And at $1-2 per meal, Vietnam is sure to please your taste buds and your wallet. Pho noodle soup and fresh spring rolls were my favorite with mint, basil, chilies, and lime creating a filling but healthier

Microfinance in India: How It’s Changing the Game

February 3, 2014 • Asia, India • Views: 1566

Microfinance is a revolutionary lending system that gives micro credit to those who lack the collateral or social standing to obtain traditional loans. These micro loans are designed to alleviate poverty by giving entrepreneurs the necessary amount to start up small businesses. In India, these

My Favorite Hostel in Cambodia

February 3, 2014 • Asia, Best Accomodations, Cambodia • Views: 3651

“Ok $3 dollars for the night, sign the guestbook, and here is your free beer. Cheers!” Sound like a dream? Nope, this is reality at one of my favorite guesthouses of all time, Monkey Republic in Sihanoukville, Cambodia. Started by three friends with a dream, Monkey Republic opened its doors in

Ho Chi Minh City: A Trip to the War Museum

January 3, 2014 • Asia, Vietnam • Views: 881

In my opinion, every traveler to Ho Chi Minh City should visit the War Museum. Is it super fun? No, but its important. As an American, you can bet I was a little uneasy about going to the museum, which is largely an exhibit on the American role of the Vietnam War, but something was ...

Have two weeks? The perfect 2 week Thailand Vacation

January 1, 2014 • Asia, Thailand • Views: 3873

Thailand-The land of smiles, offers travelers an incredible, exotic vacation at even more incredible prices. Pristine beaches, elephant riding, glimmering temples, delicious food, and insane parties are just a few reasons why tourists of all ages are flocking to Thailand. “So Caitie, we have two