10 Things Mumbai

10 Free or Cheap Things to Do in Mumbai

streetfood Most importantly, eat some amazing street food! This one is called a Dosa ($2), a thin crepe style bread stuffed with potatoes and spices, with different curries for dipping. 

arch2mumbaiWalk the Colabia district, a waterfront neighborhood and checkout the Gates of India, the real place Christopher Columbus was trying to reach when he found the Americas.

cavesGo to see the thousand year old  Kenhari Caves in the Sanjay Gandhi National Park which peculiarly are located inside the middle of Mumbai. Admission plus transportation is only $6 or you can walk the 5 or so miles for $2.

humanwashCheck out the World’s Largest Human Run Washing Machine! Stretching over a mile, the human washing machine is a space where workers rent out sections and wash-dry-press laundry for local merchants, hotels, and elite.

beertubeGrab a tube of Beer at the famous Leopold Cafe and Bar. This establishment has been refreshing and relaxing customers since the 1800′s.

gandhi2 gandhi

Pay a visit to Gandhi’s house, now a museum housing historical documents and artifacts from the movement. Admission is only .25 cents with donations appreciated. This was one of my favorite experiences. During our visit, we were the only ones there and were able to roam the house and even sit on the roof. It was surreal and amazing to picture such an inspiring man, sitting in the same place pursuing peace.

templeVisit some temples. Mumbai is home to some of the most beautiful, old temples. From Muslims Mosques to Hindu temples, there are a lot of beautiful places to explore for free. This one was the Jain Temple over looking the Indian Ocean.


Check out the the mix of architecture. Mumbai is a city of extremes with beautiful colonial buildings right next to the slums. The contrast makes for some fascinating scenery.


Take the Train! You probably have figured out how much I LOVE trains by now, but to me, there is no better way to get around. The Mumbai train station can take you anywhere in or out of town and is really something to see. Check out our train car.

taxiHire a taxi for the day to take you to local spots. This is how we saw all of the above mentioned things in about 2 days. We found a guide/driver at the train station for $9 per person for the day who drove us to all of the above mentioned spots. Doing this saved us money and  gave us a local perspective on the city, highly recommend this over a tour.

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