Catalina Island, CA

IMG_3200Crystal clear waters, relaxed vibe, and a mere one-hour ferry ride off the coast of California; Catalina Island one of my favorite getaways. Just a few days full of fresh air, good food, and plenty of drinks, and I always feel revamped to rejoin life on the mainland.

IMG_3195One of the things I like the most about Catalina is the atmosphere. It seems that no one is in a hurry, in fact, there aren’t many cars either, most people drive golf carts. A fun, but slightly expensive option, is to rent one and do a self-guided tour.

I also live for the fish and chips here, not because they are the best I have ever had, but because perched on an open-air bar stool on Avalon pier, looking out at the bay, they are pure heaven. There is just something about it. I am tied between two favorite places. At the entrance to the pier on the right hand side, Eric’s is a classic. For about $10 you get a beer battered fish and chips combo. In comparison, Avalon Seafood and Fish Market, located at the end of the pier, cooks up a lighter, breadcrumb style fish and chips for about $12 but has a better view.

IMG_3197I also love to hit up Luau Larry’s on the main stretch of Avalon’s waterfront shops. It’s a bit touristy, but if you are in the mood for a fruity, strong drink, this is your place. They are famous for their Wiki Wacker cocktail, which comes with a free hat that lets everyone know that you got your “Wiki Wacked”, which is popular but a little too flashy for me. I recommend going with the Tasmanian Zombie, a very strong and delicious mix of rum, brandy, and passion liquor, and more rum!

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Published on: February 19, 2014

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