Hi, I’m Caitie!


I am a twenty-something girl in search of beaches, street food, volunteering, cultural immersion, and of course, good cold beer (hence the balanced backpacker)! I started this website as a resource for those who want to travel more affordably, more frequently, and more well rounded. If you like incredible FOOD, beautiful BEACHES, insane PARTIES, experiencing CULTURE, and meeting PEOPLE from around the world, then I’m your girl!


Originally a small town girl from a lower middle class family, travel previously seemed a luxury that I was not able to take part in. However in 2008, to justify student loans for travel, I studied abroad in Thailand. That was it; I was hooked! I learned that with a little creativity and a whole lot of will power, travel is possible not just for me, but for anyone who wants it. While pursuing my Masters in Public Health, I continued to travel as much as possible by integrating studying, working, and volunteering. Professionally, I am passionate about health and social justice, thus some of my travel has included working in slums centers, HIV projects, and orphanages. However, I am still a twenty-something girl, so a lot of my adventures are in search of beaches, boating, wildlife, street food and good cold beer. Remember, balance is key! My hope for this blog is to inform and inspire you to travel as well, no matter your fears or financial doubts. I will share my experiences, tips, and tricks in creating some amazing adventures as a balanced backpacker.

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