A Little Piece of Paradise: Finca Mystica, Ometepe Nicaragua

IMG_1898Finca Mystica, is a wonderful guesthouse and 25 acre farm on the amazing Ometepe Island in Nicaragua. Although this establishment is a bit of a trek to get to, I have never been happier that I didn’t let a little bumpy jeep ride detour me. Finca Mystica was the best surprise of my trip, with howler monkeys dotting the trees, lush green gardens, and artistic cob cabanas; this guesthouse is truly a little piece of paradise.It is also the perfect location for exploring the island. For the more adventurous, there are volcano hikes, kayaking the Rio Istian, or the San Ramon Waterfall treks. If relaxing is what you have in mind, there are hammocks and fresh fruit smoothies to sip, or easy access to the lakes edge for swimming.

IMG_1909Although the views are amazing, what really makes Finca Mystica unforgettable are the owners Ryan and Angela whose undeniable passion for life and nature, shines through to each and every guest. This American couple traveled 10 years around the world in search of the perfect place before falling in love with Ometepe’s beautiful community. In 2006 they purchased the raw land and moved out with basically a dream and a shovel. Lots of digging, bush whacking, and weeding later, Ryan and Angela have built, by hand, their dream; a place that welcomes travelers, provides fresh from the garden meals, and promotes sustainable living. They also have two adorable dogs Sunny and Luna who love to go everywhere with Ryan, whether it’s to town for supplies, or to pick up guests, these pups love their car rides. We also had the honor of meeting their sweet new addition, their newborn baby daughter Jasmine!

IMG_1896They now have 4 private cob cabins that can sleep up to 2-4 people for $35 per night. There is also 1 communal cabana that has 4 double beds each accommodating 1-2 people for $20 per bed, perfect option for solo travelers, or budget minded couples. We loved the artistic décor, comfortable mattresses, and hammocks overlooking the gardens.  And the food! Oh the FOOD! Every meal is made with fresh organic ingredients right from the garden, so fresh that you put in your order in the morning so that they know what to pick that day. We ordered the curry and saw them knock down some coconuts and start pressing them for our meal, how is that for fresh! They also had a wonderful cocktail made with rum, fresh passionfruit juice and hibiscus nectar called the La Mystica. For $2.50 it was the most nutritious and delicious buzz I have ever had.

IMG_0018They are also in the process of completing a community center and park. On our drive to kayak, Ryan explained to me that the people of Ometepe are lovely and hardworking but are impoverished so the center would provide a place for meetings, clubs, seed exchange, skills training, tourist information, and library. Although they obtained the land from a grant and the building materials are mostly free from the land, there are still costs associated with building and community needs such as books, school supplies and clothes. If anyone would like to make donations and or volunteer they can do so by contacting Ryan at and 100% will go straight to the community.

If you are going to Nicaragua, I whole heartedly recommend visiting this amazing place. There is truly something special going on at Finca Mystica.

Contact Info or email at

How to Get There 

We took a taxi, which for us was worth the splurge. The bus is cheaper but can take up to 4 hours instead of 1 to get there, so it is a matter of time verses cost. You can get a bus from anywhere in Nicaragua to Rivas and then a cheap 20 minute taxi to San Jorge Port. Below is information provided by Angela and Ryan on their transit advice.

San Jorge 
Take a ferry or lancha to the port on Ometepe Island called Moyogalpa.  The ferry costs around 70 cordobas ($3) one way and is a little bit more comfortable than the smaller lancha ( boat ), that costs 40 cordobas ($2). Both are safe and leave multiple times each day.

The easiest, quickest and more comfortable way is taking a taxi directly here *
A taxi to our place costs  $30 to 35 dollars.  It takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes.  Call or write us 1 day in advance with your ferry/boat time and we can arrange a taxi for you if you would like, at no extra charge. The taxi will be waiting with a Finca Mystica sign when you arrive.  You pay the taxi directly when you arrive.

BUS… Take any bus that heads to San Ramon or Merida.There are buses that leave Altagracia at  8 am and 2 : 15 pm that go to San Ramon.  They pass our sign around 9 : 15 am and 3:15 pm.  There is also one bus that leaves Moyogalpa at 2 : 30ish and arrives in Merida at 5 15ish  The buses that head to San Ramon will all drop you off at the bottom of our road near our sign, just ask for Finca Mystica.  All buses from Moyogalpa stop in Altagracia first.  If you are getting here late, you would have to take the bus that goes to Merida, which arrives at 5:15…. It is about a 25 minute walk (to our place from there. * note : bus times subject to change, ask in Moyogalpa before you leave *


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