A Day Trip to Venice Beach, CA

IMG_0975With LA just an hour away, I decided to feed my travel bug with a day trip to Venice Beach. Having only been there once in the winter, I was excited to see Venice on a summer day, in all its glory.

IMG_2184What is truly unique and recommendation worthy about Venice in comparison to other California beach cities, such as Newport or Huntington, is the liberal, hippie spirit. Venice beach is truly a place for everyone, for locals, tourists, foodies, artists, athletes, and even a sweet and creative homeless population. You can eat, swim, shop, tan or if your feeling adventurous, $30 will get you a legal prescription for marijuana right there on the boardwalk. 

IMG_2198For those who love food but are on a budget like me, Venice has a large variety of delicious and affordable options. My favorite is to venture right off the boardwalk onto Westminster Avenue, where you will find a side street with a sort of international outdoor food court. For around $2-$8 you can score some fresh and incredible Mexican, Indian, Asian, or Middle Eastern fare.

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Published on: February 9, 2014

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